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A secret swimming hole - August 3

swimming hole at Eleven Mile State Park

Today we went out to a lake that has a wonderful hike through some amazing rock formations along the shoreline as well as a beautiful trail through the aspens.  We were aiming for a lovely swimming area that we'd found last year.  After scrambling around the rocks fro a few hours and having a lovely picnic lunch, we decided it was time to get  on the trail and go swimming.  Stopping at a beautiful overlook I noticed a little outcropping of rocks that jutted out into the lake.  There was a little tree that I wanted to go wee, plus something down there just called to me.  So, I said i was just going to take a look and I's be right back. Making my way down, i discovered the perfect little secluded swimming hole, right between two arms of rocks, calm and sheltered.  just a I was about to call up and tell my companions to join me, I discovered that they had followed me down.  What a lovely, cooling swim we had, sheltered, peaceful and quiet.  We sat there for a long time, soaking it all in.
What prompted me to go there instead of pushing onto the place we'd gone to time before.  Clearly my intuition was working, and for once I listened to it, without question and without staying narrowly on the path I had already set.  What a great reminder as I get ready to go to Europe.  I notice I'm a bit apprehensive about how it will go, what I'll do, and how it'll all work out.  I plan to remember this beautiful little swimming hole as a reminder to trust my intuition.